Potomac Medical Building

About the Project

Built in 2009, the building was designed for institutional end users. Stratford University, a Virginia headquartered institution occupied this building since its completion as a home for their Woodbridge campus until their termination of operations in 2022. Currently the building is available for Lease in a HUB zone designation by the Small Business Administration. Please, inquire on our Contact Us page for more information.

The building is three levels with underground parking. The building is served by state of the art, fully automated climate control system that is electronically and remotely managed to reduce energy consumption.

During its design development, Saadeh Partners took on voluntary environmental remediation to bring into compliance the control and treatment of storm runoff generated by Potomac Mills; a 25 acres outlet mall built in the early 1980. Untreated runoff generated by acres of parking lots and buildings was being directed into reaches of the Potomac River. At its cost, Saadeh Partners constructed underground massive vaults, which promotes detention, biodegradation and infiltration before runoff pollutes sensitive waterways and reaches of the Potomac River. 

This building is expected to be continuously occupied through 2039.