About the Project

Now under development and construction.

The StoneHaven Commercial parcel is a component of a master planned unit development project in northern Culpeper County, just a short trip west of the Town of Warrenton, Virginia. The project is planned for various size residential plots with townhouses and multi-family units.  The StoneHaven planned unit development project is focused on preserving large tracks; including over 240 acre preservation buffer along the Rappahannock River, and over 500 acres along Jeffersonton Road or Route 621 to the south. The aim of this development is to tie in the Commercial StoneHaven with the residential lots through access roads, sidewalks and trails for a true representation of a well-integrated walkable/bikable community.

The commercial village will feature retail use, sized to promote local business opportunities as well as anchor retail. A village core with family oriented amenities is planned to encourage community participation and enjoyment of the center. Broad sidewalks are planned to provide remarkable outdoors shopping and dining experiences, while ample parking designed to serve commuters and visitors in an old town styled street and surface parking.